Banana and raspberry fritters – mini pancakes for tiny humans

Only 3 ingredients are needed to make healthy and delicious vegan mini fritters for your kids, so if you have any bananas that are turning brown, this recipe is for you. Perfect for baby lead weaning, the lunchbox or an easy to grab snack.

3 ingredient banana and raspberry fritters for baby and kids

So, before you continue, I have to be honest. I’m not completely sure where the line between fritters and pancakes is drawn, so if you want to call these little bad boys pancakes instead of fritters, be my guest. My kids don’t mind – they’ll devour them no matter what you call them. I tried calling them clumps of elephant earwax and my kindergartner Eva just laughed and shrieked “yuuuck” – and then continuted eating. But I prefer calling them fritters as they are more dense than I would normally make a pancake.

This recipe only calls for three ingredients – four if you want to add some extra healthy omega-3 fats from flax seeds, but they are not nescarry to make this recipe work. I don’t always add them because sometimes a simple recipe just needs to be just that: simple. Very ripe bananas which are have turned all brown and spotty are the best – especially for desserts like this where no other sweetner is added. And then it doesn’t hurt that brown bananas are better for the digestion than their green and yellow companions. So hurray for forgetting to eat the bananas before they turned brown.

The fritters are ideal for blw (baby-led weaning), as a snack or little treat during the day for your older kids or simply as a healthy dessert for everyone in the family. I sometimes sneak one if I can get away with it and eat it to help satisfy my sugar cravings. And by one I mean three. Or four.

Recipe for mini vegan banana and raspberry fritters

The banana and raspberry fritters are very easy to make and don’t take long, so I never make a huge portion. But if you find yourself with a but load of brown bananas that needs to be used right away, then go ahead and make a big batch and freeze them for later.

Ingredients – the basic

When a recipe calls for two big bananas I’m always uncertain on how big a big banana is (now repeat this 10 times). I love when recipes are easy to remember and require little effort to adapt to the amount you have availabe, so this is one of the reasons I love this recipe. Measured in grams / oz you simply just need:

  • 2 parts bananas
  • 1 part buckwheat flour
  • 1 part frozen raspberries

Do note, that I love berries, so I always add them to the breaking point. The recipe will also work with about half the amount, so don’t sweat it, if you don’t have that many raspberries on hand or just don’t feel like adding as many. Futher, you can always add in a flaxegg – or two if you’re making a huge portion – to boost the healthy fat contents, but they are not a must.

Banana and raspberry fritters on a plate

Ingredients for 8 small banana and raspberry fritters

  • 140 grams ripe bananas (2 small bananas without the peel)
  • 70 grams buckwheat flour (I ground buckwheat flakes in a coffee grinder until it turned into flour)
  • 70 grams frozen raspberries
  • oil for frying on pan
  • optional: 1 flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flaxseed in 2 tablespoons water)

How to

  1. Mash the bananas with a fork in a bowl.
  2. Add in the flour and stir thoroughly.
  3. Roughly cut up the raspberries and stir them in.
  4. Heat up a pan on medium and add the oil.
  5. Add about one tablespoon of the batter to the pan per fritter you’re making.
  6. Fry for a few minutes until golden/brown – then turn the fritters.
  7. They fritters are done when both sides have been fried.
  8. Let them cool down before serving.

How to store your banana and raspberry fritters

My guess is in the fridge in an airtight container for a few days and in the freezer for a few months. They’ve never lasted this long at our house, but looking at the ingredients this will be my best guess.

Stack of banana and raspberry mini pancakes

Both Eva and Anton loves these little mini pancakes (or fritters) and if I don’t hurry and put some a side a.s.a.p. they will be gone in a second. I like to add one or two bananas and raspberry fritters to Eva’s lunchpack for a little healthy treat during the day. They are easy to bring as they don’t break easy and don’t require any utensils to be eaten. I will however recommend a napkin or two if you’re feeding them to your baby – Anton is an expert at taking each fritter apart and smearing raspberry all over the place. I’m just saying.

3 ingredient vegan banana and raspberry fritters for baby and kids

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