Fun with socks – 9 ideas on how to play with socks according to a toddler

IMG_1111-1Sometimes I wonder why on earth we give children so many toys. Eva has just turned 2-years old and already has more toys than one kid would ever need. And besides a few favourite items like her dolls and her two teddies, her play kitchen and a few other things, she rarely plays with any of them. Instead she prefers to go through our stuff and dig until she finds something interesting. More recently she has also begun taking an interest in her cloths – more specifically her dresses and her socks. The dresses are the best for dancing (they do making twirling around a lot more fun), but the socks they are apparently the best thing ever and she now raids her sock drawer whenever she gets the chance. But as it turns out they can also be used for a lot more than keeping your feet warm!


Without us helping, Eva has come up with a bunch of her own activities with her socks. And though it might seem silly, I can highly recommend handing your children their own socks fx while putting laundry away and see if the same magic happens. Especially if you have something you need to get done without the eager help of you toddler.


9 activities with socks from the perspective of a toddler

So what can you do with socks, you wonder. Well, here’s are 9 ways that Eva can keep herself entertained with her socks:

  1. Align all of the socks in a long row
  2. Take all of the rolled up socks and unroll them
  3. Match the different socks and make mom or dad roll them up again or practice doing it by herself
  4. Hide the socks under different places (like under the rug or  under her own shirt) and ask mom or dad where they have gone while snickering
  5. Transport the socks using pinzers (from her play kitchen) or a big spoon
  6. Practice taking the socks on and off her feet and hands
  7. Make mom take an astounding amount of photos of her socks
  8. Put socks on teddy bear or doll
  9. Place socks in different containers – like dad’s shoes or the the different pots and pans from the play kitchen

Eva spend several hours last weekend playing with the socks – and has just again taken them out to play again. I wonder what’s so fascinating about them?


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