8 natural remedies for your teething baby and toddler

It’s been months since Eva’s last tooth arrived, but we have not forgotten the horrors that such a tiny little baby tooth can bring with it when it decides it’s time to pop out of hiding. It’s by no means a pleasent experience and causes a lot of discomfort, making Eva she gnaw away on pretty much anything she can get her little hands on. I know there are different medications and over-the-counter ointments which you can get to help relieve your little one, but the idea of giving any kind of medicine to Eva when she is not sick, doesn’t appeal to me. Though she might be cranky, get red cheeks, gnaw on everything and drool constantly, she doesn’t have an illness. She is just teething and the discomfort and pain will luckily pass. Even if we don’t do anything. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want her to get some much needed relief, but instead of drugs we chosen to go the more natural way. In our search to help Eva with her aching gums we’ve come across a few that havn’t really helped and 8 that have worked wonders.

The 8 natural pain reliving teething remedies that’ve worked for us

Keep in mind that these remedies are just what have worked for us. They might not help you and your baby, but I’m sure at least one or two of them will help with your little one’s suffering.

1. Liquorice root

This is by far the best remedy I’ve come across when it comes to teething. Just hand your baby a whole stick of liquorice root (not the candy) and let her chew on it. It’s by far Eva’s favourite thing to gnaw on when a new tooth is about to pop up. It’s sweet in taste, can be chewed on forever and is suppose to gently numb the gums. No wonder why she loves it. Just remember only to give your baby long sticks, and not the short ones, so you avoid the risk of her trying to swallow it.


Eva loves her liqorice root. After a while the ends get chewed up (like the one in the middle), but then you just cut that bit off.

2. Breast milk

There are so many reasons to breastfeed, and despite what many people think, teething is definitely not a reason to stop. On the contrary, it might be a very good reason to continue. Nursing sooths (most) babies and breast milk even contain pain relieving properties that increases when your baby is teething (pretty awesome, right?). This means that your baby wants to nurse more frequently when  she is teething. I know Eva does! If you’re afraid of your baby testing her new teeth on your breast, you can always pump some milk and make breast milk popsicles a.k.a. momsicles. I have to admit I’ve never tried making them, but some people seem to swear by it.

3. Finger massage

Just gently rub your baby’s aching gums with your (clean) fingers for a minute at a time. This tip might be best for the first few teeth however. Neither Ben or I have dared putting our fingers into her mouth after Eva’s gotten 8 teeth, but in the first few rounds of teething we did offer her our fingers quite a lot to gnaw and to get a chance to gently press down on the gums, adding some counter pressure – and there by relief – around the emerging tooth. It seemed to help her a lot – especially around bedtime where she’s fallen asleep with our fingers in her mouth on more than one occassion.

4. Anything wooden or made out of natural rubber 

Wood and natural rubber are a bit hit with teething babies. Just make sure it’s made for this purpose or for preparing food meaning it’s not full of weird chemicals or has paint that will easily comes off. A wooden spoon and a natural rubber teething toy have been Eva’s favourites, but the sides of the crib has also been used to scratch her gums with when she has woken in the middle of the night.


Her poor teddies have had to endure quite a lot when Eva’s been teething

5. Hard, unsweetened biscuits and dried bread 

Hard biscuits (like teething biscuits) and dried bread can offer your baby some much needed relief when he is teething and can also be a great way to get some food into his stomach – something than otherwise be quite challenging during times of teething. We bought some biscuits at the at the store the first time, but soon realised that we could just as easily make them ourselves. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I’ll might make a post about it in the near future. Just remember to make sure that your baby is in an upright position when eating these and keep an eye out for him. Just in case a piece breaks off.


6. Chamomile tea

Chamomile is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, to ease pain and even help with an upset tummy – a common sideeffect to teething. Just make a cup of chamomile tea using nothing but dried organic chamomile flowers and hot water and let it brew for a few minutes. Let it cool down and give your baby the tea when needed. We just offer it to Eva in her cup or on a teaspoon a few times a day, but you could also soak a washcloth in the tea and freeze it and then let your baby chew and suck on it. If you do this, remember to leave part of the washcloth dry so there something for you baby to hold on to and make sure you only freeze the cloth for an hour or two. We don’t want your wee one to get frostbite.

7. Frozen bananas and chilled cucumber 

You could use a great variety of frozen or chilled fruits and vegetables. They just need to be frozen or at least refrigerated as the point is not only to give your baby something to chew on, but also to numb the gums with the cold. I only started giving Eva frozen bananas quite recently as she didn’t like the feeling of cold foods in her mouth when she was younger, but many babies will gladly gnaw away as soon as they start solids. Eva will now happily eat her frozen banana when she is teething, but she especially likes it when we make them into “ice cream” instead of just giving them to her straight. It seems to give her some relief from the pain and she gets to have a sweet treat. A win-win for her.

8. Distractions

Whenever we’ve been in a position where none of the other remedies where within reach, we’ve luckily had one more trick up our sleeves and that is simply to distract her. Going outside has almost always been a hit, especially now she has gotten older. With all the dogs to look at and people to wave at, there’s simply no time to think about the pain in her mouth.


Some of the natural remedies we’ve had success with when Eva’s been teething. Sorry, no pictures of the milk machines or my fingers.


So that’s it; the 8 different teething remedies that have helped Eva get some much needed relief from her teething pain without the use of medications. I hope you can use some of the advice!

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