What is this blog about?

This blog is meant as an inspiration to parents who are looking for ideas on what to do with and for your family. Everything you read on this blog is something we’ve tried, experienced or made ourselves that we feel others might be inspired by. We definitely don’t have all the answer – we learn as we go – but we still hope that you’ll find some inspiration on this site and maybe even give some yourself by leaving a comment.  

On this blog you’ll therefore find both tips & tricks, guides, diy’s and recipes relating to health, family life, fun and games, and creativity.

Every post is meant as an inspiration. Some are articles that we’d have liked to have read ourselves like tips & tricks for going to the swimming pool with your baby. Some have ideas on how to make a shortcut in a recipe or in a diy. And some are ideas or thoughts on what to do as a family or with your child like The wonders of baby beanbags

Who are we?

We are a young(-ish) Danish couple who live in Denmark with our daughter and son. 

What does “Making Danish” refer to?

That we are a Danish family in the making. We apologize if you came here looking for a recipe for danish pastries…