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10 activities I do every day with my 2-3 month old baby

This is Anton’s first post. He is not yet old enough to do the same kind of

Washable Baby Bean Bags

About a year ago I sewed Eva her own set of washable baby bean bags with

How much baby clothes do I really need to get?

I think Eva is going to outgrow me and Ben. At least if she continues in

Where should baby sleep at night?

One thing that really had me worrying when I was pregnant with Eva was where she

The wonders of Baby Beanbags

When I was a kid I loved bean bags (in Denmark we call them pea bags

Tips and tricks for going to the swimming pool with your baby

I’ve been taking a baby swimming class with Eva for a few weeks now and I’m

Should I go swimming with my baby?

The answer might suprise you! Well, maybe not and joke aside, going to the pool was