In October I want to…


Two years ago Eva, Ben and I moved from the apartment that Ben and I had lived in while we studied, while we got our first real jobs and while we had Eva. It was a great apartment that served us well for the over 8 years we ended up living there, but it quickly became too small after we had Eva. We ended up moving on a whim when we found another apartment not even half a mile away which was twice the size, had an elevator and best of all – a washing machine! But now with the baby on the way, this apartment is also starting to feel too small and crowded,  and I’m really missing having a small garden. Eva loves being outside so much that I often feel guilty for not always having the oppertunity or time to take her to the forest, the park or the playground. But I also know that she is happy where she is and it’s not like she doesn’t get to go outside. We won’t be moving right now with a newborn on the way, so I think I have to make a real effort to look on all of the positive aspects of living right where we do.

In October I want to…

  • Make a conscious effort to appriciate all the positive things of not moving right now. There are so many great things about living in our apartment: it’s the only place Eva knows as home, we’re close to everything and the outline of the apartment makes it easy to always be close to eachother despite being in opposite rooms, which is great with little ones.
  • Eat out and order plantbased takeaway when cooking seems like an impossible chore. Copenhagen is becoming a better and better place for people seeking vegan oppertunities when eating out. Some parts of the city have far more places than others and unfortunally we live in a part of the city that don’t have too many, but they are popping up every now and then – and the ones we do have, are really great! So when the baby comes I’m going to take advantages of these places. When we move it will probably be to a city with way less places that can cater to a plantbased diet, so I better enjoy it while I can (and what a great excuse to buy more take away).
  • Help Eva become a big sis. I have no idea how Eva is going to react to becoming a big sis, but no matter what, it is going to be a huge transition for both her and us. I hope we can help her into her new role without forgetting that she is still just a 2-year old that needs us just as much as she did before she suddenly became the “big” one.
  • Take Eva to the park or on walks as often as possible. And if I can’t, encourage Ben to do it. Both to burn of some energy, but also to let her know that everything is the same, despite it having changed (you know what I mean…).

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