In July I want to…


Summer vacation coming up! I can’t wait to have two whole weeks with Ben and Eva. We have no big travelling plans, but we are going to visit both set of grand parents, get some things ready for the baby and then just relax and enjoy life in the city. So far the weather doesn’t seem to be on our side, but hopefully we’ll get more days without rain than with. And if we don’t I’m sure will figure out something to do indoors. We always do.

In July I want to…

  • Sew some pants and other stuff for Eva and her baby brother or sister. I like to sew. Am not great at it, but I love to actually make something with my hands. Having an office job means that I don’t get to that very often. At least not at work. So I’ve decided to make some pants, bibs and other usuful items for both Eva and her baby brother or sister during our two weeks off.
  • Try out cloth diapering with Eva. I’ve been thinking about cloth diapering for ages, but have not really had the courage to try it out. Older family members have on several occasions told me how lucky our generation is to have disposable diapers and that I should feel fortunate not to have to go through all the hazzle with cleaning, soaking and folding as they had to. So maybe not so supringsinly I’ve been quite discouraged to give cloth diapering a try. But with a new baby on the way I was once again reminded of the possibility and this time I’ve researched it a whole lot better. And you know what, it doesn’t seem all that difficult or nasty as I thought! So I’ve bought a few diapers for Eva (all-in-one) and I’m ready to give it a go during our vacation.
  • Spend some alone time with Ben while Eva goes on her first mini vacation with her grandparents. Before the baby arrives both me and Ben want to prioritize spending some alone time together. Just to got out to eat, sleep a full night and whatever else comes to mind. I’ve however not felt that Eva was ready to spend a night away from both me and Ben at the same time. I’ve just felt it was too soon and that she was way too young. But in the last few months she has seemed more and more ready and I know she’ll have a blast with her grandparents whom she absolutely adores and knows really well.
  • Start preparing for birth. So apparently when you’re get pregnant, you’ve also got to give birth at some time. I know it should not come as a suprise to anyone, especially not someone like me who has already given birth once. But just like last time, I’ve not really given it much thougth. That is until yesterday. Then boom it hit me. This little bladder kicker has to come out eventually! Last time I took a course with the provocative title painfree labour (smertefrifødsel – Anja Bay metoden) which taught me about laboro breathing – not sure it’s correctly translated, but it’s pretty much panting instead of deep breathing combined with a few other techniques. The birth was not painfree, but it gave me a sense of control that I in no way had expected to feel during labour and it was so great. This time the plan is to read up on the same techniques and practice, practice, practice and hopefully I’ll feel in as much control this time around as I did the first!

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