In January I want to…


This time of year is so dark and I can’t help but look forward to Spring when the days will become noticeably longer. I however shouldn’t complain. The days are starting to get longer with a few minutes of extra daylight each day, and before I got my new job, I did use to have to leave home for work when it was still dark outside and only first return when the sun was completely gone. This is fortunally not the case anymore, but I do still miss the daylight.

In January I want to…

  • Make a handful or two of pom poms for Eva. I know store bought pom poms are dirt cheap and can be found in many dollar stores, super markets or similar, but I kind of like the idea of making them myself. That way I can control what they are made of and can have fun making them. I already have a few ideas of what Eva will do with them and a couple of ideas for acitivites that  she can use the pom poms for, but where I need to help her get started (Edit: If you want to make your own pom poms, I’ve made a separate post explaining how to. It’s super easy)
  • Get my sewing station set up. I have so many things I want to sew and so much fabric, that needs to be turned into something. I’ve just not had a place to sew, where I can leave my projects halffinished until I have time to continue with them. Currently I’m using our dinning table, but that means I always have to pack everything away when we have to eat. But  this month me and Ben have decided that we’re going to set up a table in Eva’s room where I can sew. I might have to add, that despite it being Eva’s room, she’s rarely in there. Most of her toys are in the living room and her bed in our room, though she most often sleeps in our bed between me and Ben. So all in all, I don’t think she’ll mind. I’m not even sure she knows she has her own room.
  • Try a new recipe or two that I’ve never tried before. Ben and I have a tendency to make the same dishes week after week, of course with a few variations and small changes, but still mostly the same. This month Ben and I have however decided to make a real effort to try at least two (completely!) new recipes. I think I’m going to try and make something with polenta.

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