In October I want to…

This last week has been a very cold week. It’s was such a sudden change from the warm and sunny weather we had in September that Ben and I weren’t prepared and had to rush out to get Eva her first big girl balaclava and a pair of mittens. So looks so proud when she gets to wear them. Fortunately we’ve inherited a snowsuit for her. It might not be cold enough for it rigth now, but if the weather keeps it up, it won’t be long.

With the arrival of Autumn I feel like spending more time indoors covered in blankets and just “hygge” with family and friends. Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates into being cosy, but it means so much more and it’s sort of difficult to translate it without it loosing it’s meaning. It’s a word that is often used to describe Danish culture, and can perhaps be said to be a mood or an athmosphere that is created when you take extra pleasure in simple everyday things. Like ligthing a candle when you’re eating dinner, sipping hot cacao under a blanket or collecting chestnuts with your children with the intent of making chestnut animals. It’s cosy, it’s fun, it’s nice, it’s warm, it’s hygge.

In October I want to…

  • Eat a ton of apples. Apple season is right now and we’re so fortunate to get a ton of apples from both mine and Ben’s parents. We get to many that I know I’ll be making more than one portion of this easy apple sauce. It’s such an easy thing to make if you have some apples that needs to be used.
  • Make chestnut animals. Eva might be a bit to young to make animals out of chestnuts and matches, but her mom is not. I have fond memories of making them as a child and can’t wait to make them with Eva. I think every child in Denmark makes these every year. If not at home, then at the Nursery or in the kindergarten.
  • Experiment with vegan pancakes. We’ve reduced the amount of animal products that we eat by quite a lot, but the eggs in pancakes are so difficult to replace. I’m experimenting with bananas, aquafaba, flax and chia seed eggs, vinegar, you name it, but have yet to find the perfect recipe. But I’m not quitting! I want my Sunday pancakes. (EDIT: Ben have been experimenting aswell and has come up with an awesome recipe for delicious Danish vegan pancakes, that doesn’t require any weird egg substitution).
  • Find time to read a fiction book. I started a book just before I returned to work, but the book never really caught me, so I never finished it. I’ve found a new book and I’m so ready to start project reading again. I used to read quite a lot in bed, but since Eva sleeps next to me, it’s really not an option these days.

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