In September I want to…

I’ve been away from the blog for almost three weeks. I’ve simply needed to slow down a bit. Starting work after having been away for a year has been tougher than I expected, and I’ve had to prioritize a bit more how I use my time and energy to not risk burning my self out. That has meant pulling the plug for a few weeks and just winding down. So what have I been up to for those three weeks other than working? Well, I’ve been enjoying the most amazing summer weather during the day, seeing friends and family in the weekends and just talking and binging tv-shows with Ben in the evening when Eva’s been asleep. It’s been just what I needed and now I’m back with renewed energy.

In (the rest of) September I want to…

  • Make a new batch of lotion for Eva. We’ve used up every last bit of the latch batch, so now it’s time to make a new portion of this amazing fluffy lotion which works wonders on her little bum.
  • Go on a few bike rides with Eva, so she can get use to the bicycle. And I can get use to having her along. So far she seems to love it and sits quietly watching everyone around her, waving hello everytime she gets eye contact with someone.
  • Finish my first chrochet project. Well, technically it’s not my first, but it’s my first for almost 20 years, so I think it’s fair to call it a first project. It’s a super simple flag banner, but it’s still a challenge to me. I just love having something to do with my hands, when I’m watching something in the telly and this seems like something I might end up liking quite a lot.

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