In June I want to…

Summer has finally arrived! It’s definitely my favourite season with it’s long days and it’s (for the most part) nice and warm weather. Last summer Eva became part of our family, but because she was so little and we were so new to being parents, we ended up spending a lot of time indoors. This summer however, I’ve got a feeling we will be a lot more outdoors!

I June I want to…

  • Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and get those toes out of the shoes. Well, at least if this amazing weather, we’re currently having, continuous. I love to walk around barefoot, but mostly indoors or in the summer. Living in the city however means that I don’t get to walk outside to often without my shoes on (I know some people don’t mind, but with all the broken glass etc. and with me carrying Eva in a carrier, I’m to afraid to step on something painful or dangerous).
  • Make sure Eva gets the best possible start in nursery as possible. Even if it means that I’ll have to ask for more vacation days or leave work (very) early the first week or month. I feel very lucky that I’m in a position where it’s possible for me to take some extra time of work if it’s needed – and I’m going to take advantages of that. Hopefully the transition from staying a home with me all day to being in a new environment with a dozen other children and handful new adults will go well. I’m just really glad that I have 2 weeks to ease her in, so we don’t have to rush it.
  • Eat a bunch of fresh berries, watermelons, green peas and aspargeus. I love this time a year when all the different fruits and vegs are finally ready to be picked and eaten. I especially love raspberries! When I was a kid I would sometimes disappear but could pretty much always be found in the garden eating raspberries straight of the bush.
  • Make two junior sized duvets for Eva out of a grown-up’s duvet. I bought this silk duvet at the Black Friday sale last year (yes, I’m from Denmark, but for some reason we’ve adapted this “tradition”), but I’ve never gotten around to actually making the duvets. But since the duvets are part of her birthday present I think I’ll have to get sewing soon.

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