In April I want to…

Spring has finally shown its beutiful face with tiny flowers starting to appear, trees slowly turning green and birds chirping away in the morning. Currently it’s however pouring down, but then again it is only March, almost April, but still not summer. Despite the rather grey weather, I still feel my energy levels has risen quite a bit (well, at least on average. I still have those mornings where I wake up and wonder if I ever really got to fall asleep) and with daylight savings, the evenings are suddenly also both longer and brighter. All in all I have a pretty good feeling about the upcoming month.

Last month I made my first monthly to-do list on this blog. And I have to say I went pretty darn well! I finished everything on the list from March, and what a great feeling. I never finish my to-do lists, so it felt pretty darn good. Finishing the list (however easy it might have been) gives me confidence that I can do it again in April. I therefore made a list of things I want to do in April and posted it below. I almost can’t wait to get started on some of the things!

In April I want to…

  • Try to use Ghassoule for my hair instead of shampoo. Before I got pregnant with Eva I’d gone from using conventional shampoo to using an orgainc shampoo to using an egg and vinegar wash. I loved the way my hair felt with the egg wash, but when I got pregnant with Eva I started feeling tired and nauseous so I quickly returned to the organic shampoo. I haven’t really transitioned back. Washing your hair with eggs requires cold water and I detest cold showers, so I’ve postponed it ever since. A friend of mine have however recommended using Ghassoule and seeing how great her hair looks I’ve decided to give it a try myself. I’ve just order my first batch of clay (which is what Ghassoule basicly is) and can’t wait to get started!
  • Go to the playground at least twice a week with Eva and let her use the swings or whatever intrigues her. At least if the weather is good. You just never know when it comes to April. Ben and I have taken her to the playground twice this month. The first time she absolutely loved it. The second time the timing might have been a a bit off, and we went right after lunch (meaning a full belly) and she looked rather uncomfortable. If everything goes accordingly she’ll start Nursery in about 1-2 months (we are on a waiting list) and I just want to squeeze in some extra daytime fun with her while I still can.
  • Meet up with my mom group without babies for the first time ever. I’m really looking forward to this one. We’ve already planned where and when to go and made sure the dads (or in our case a grandma) are home to look after the little ones. It will be after bed time, so hopefully – and fingers crossed/knock on wood – Eva won’t even notice I’m gone. Otherwise I made sure we’re meeting up at a place so nearby that I can get home in about 10  mintues and then join up with my mom group again after a feeding (and lots of cuddling).
  • Experiment with making my own squeeze bags for Eva instead of those storebought ones. Eva loves squeeze bags and I love the convenience of them. But I don’t like the price and the fact that most of them primarily contain fruit. I’ve bought some reusable squeeze bags and made a few easy purees with a mix of fruit and vegs. Eva devours them, but I want to make her something more filling. I’ve therefore decided to experiment a bit more with lentils, beans, oils, dried herbs etc. and come up with some great recipes. If they’re a hit, I’ll share the recipes!
  • Do a 30 day yoga challenge with Ben. We’ve only just talked briefly about this, and pretty much only decided to give it a go in April. I have a horrible posture and carrying around a 1o kg (22 pound) baby hasn’t really helped, but maybe a bit of yoga could help me improve it? Hopefully we’ll be able to find a challenge or a series of tutorials on youtube to give us an idea on how to do, well, everything.

That’s the list for the up-coming month. I hope to finish the list. Though some of it might be easy to get done, the yoga challenge might be, well, a challenge.

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