In March I want to…

At the end of every month, I’ve decided to make a list of things I want to do in the upcoming month. I’ve always made to-do lists. Though I rarely finish them, I find that they help me organize my thoughts and to get things done that I would otherwise have forgotten to do.

The point with this list is not to make myself feel bad or guilty if I don’t get everything done on it. Rather it’s meant as an motivation to do some of the things that I always seem to think about doing, but never get around to. Like reading a specific book, going for a run after Eva is put down for the night, sewing a toy or just having coffee with a friend. I’ll try and make the list realistic meaning, that if life doesn’t get in the way, it will be very likely, that I’ll be able to finish the list. Therefore it won’t be a long list, but maybe 3-5 things that I want to do. It might grow with time and it might not. I’ll see where it takes me.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Here’s my list for March:

In March I want to…

  • Make a new batch of baby lotion for Eva and upload an DIY. I really like making my own lotions to minimize the chemicals we expose our bodies to. The lotion I’m thinking about making is so simple (seriously, only two ingredients).
  • Start to read a new (fiction) book. I love reading, especially fiction, but ever since Eva was born I haven’t picked up a fiction book for myself with the intention to read it. I’ve picked up a ton of Eva’s book and read her a lot, but for the sake of my intelligence I need to read something that doesn’t necessarily rhyme or has pictures of cows with hats.
  • Make a new recipe for buns that Eva can eat. I love to make and eat my own bread and buns, especially if they are filled with nuts or seeds. Unfortunally Eva’s stomach is not yet mature enough to digest nuts and seeds, so I want to make a new recipe that will suit her better, but without the main ingredient being white, processed flour.
  • Try to use soap nuts instead instead of detergent. I’ve wanted to try and use soap nuts ever since I first heard of them a few years back, but I keep forgetting they exist. That is until I suddenly get one of my “we need to cut all chemicals out of our lives”-flips and I google like a crazy person and find them again. This time however I’m going to try them! I’ve already ordered them and they are on the way in the mail for me. I’ve never been this excited about doing laundry!
  • Have lunch with one of my friends while Eva is having fun with her Dad. I’m starting to need a few hours with a friend where I can actually focus a 100 pct. (or at least 90 pct) on that relationship. I love bringing Eva along, but sometimes I miss out on something important being said as I have to keep an eye out for Eva aswell. I also think it will be good for Eva to learn that I can leave for a few hours, but still come back. Especially with me having to go back to work soon.

That’s if for the first Month. I hope the list will motivate me to get some things done that I’ve either kept postponing or have simply forgotten (I call mommy brain).

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