The wonders of Baby Beanbags

When I was a kid I loved bean bags (in Denmark we call them pea bags because the most common thing to put in them are, well, peas). I actually never had my own, but we had them in kindergarten and in school and despite the very simple design they could be used for a ton of different things.

I therefore decided to make some for Eva. I know she is not exactly kindergarten age, so I also added some different types of ribbons on the side and used different textured fabric to make them more attractive to her (I cut up two pairs of baby pants that would otherwise had been thrown out). Because she loves putting things in her mouth and using her little razor sharp teeth to try and rip things apart I decided it might be vice to add an extra bag on the inside to keep the peas in. I also decided that peas might not be the best idea at this age as saliva and dried peas might end up getting a bit moldy. I therefore used plastic granules which are also washable.


The front.


The back.

And I must say they are a hit! And I you’re wondering what the heck a baby is suppose to do with beanbags I’ll just list what Eva has used them for in the last 24 hours.


So far she seems to love to

  • shake them (the ribbons make them easy for her to grab),
  • touch the different types of ribbons and fabric
  • take them in one hand and just look at them from different angels,
  • put them in her mouth and just chew on them


We also use them to play with her and so far she enjoys it when we

  • throw them at her (gently of course – she laughs so loud),
  • try to juggle them (she also laughs so loud at this, but then we’re also pretty terrible at it),
  • place them in a container so she’ll have to take them out again one by one
  • put them on her head (when sitting) or her back (when lying on her stomach) getting her to try and reach them.



And this is why I made them doubled bagged…

I’m sure will find even more things to do with them. They are pretty versatile. If you want to make some yourself I’ll add a DIY later, but they’re pretty straightforward. I’m just starting out teaching myself how to sew and I kind of just winged it and if I have to say so myself then they turned out pretty great.  EDIT: I’ve finally made a DIY for these easy, but ever so awesome washable baby bean bags!

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