Should I go swimming with my baby?

The answer might suprise you!

Well, maybe not and joke aside, going to the pool was always something I looked forward to as a kid and it turns out babies love going in the water as well. So if you ask me, then  yes, you must definitely should go swimming with your baby.

Eva and I have been taking a baby swimming class. It wasn’t really something that I had planned on doing though I had often considered it. I know it’s a very popular activity for moms on maternity leave and their babies, but baby swimming is such a popular activity in Copenhagen that many places have you waiting by the computer to click the apply button at the exact second they release the tickets like it’s some kind of boyband reunion concert, and that had initially put me off the idea.

But then a close friend recommended it so highly that I just had to give it a go. And after spending a few hours trying to find a free spot somewhat close by I found a place a bit outside the city. The downside (besides the somewhat long walk) is that it in a pool in a retirement home meaning the changing facilities are not baby friendly at all and have the tiniest changing facilities possible. But,  if you can get over almost rubbing butts with the other moms and just focusing on getting your baby and yourself ready, it’s really awesome, as there are no other disturbances but the other babies. And Eva loves it. Like really, really loves it. And she sleeps so well after each class that I get to have a few hours of me-time! … or cleaning time…

We’ve only attended 5 times, but I’ve signed her up for another class starting this week in the local pool (I got a free spot). It’s not that you need a class to take your baby swimming. It’s basically teaching your baby to become familiar with being in the water and making them feel safe while having fun. And you could do that by yourself if you wanted. That is if you would ever make it to the pool. I know that I would make it maybe once or twice on my own, but never on a regular basis. It’s just too easy to postpone. But now when there are people expecting me (and since we’ve already paid), it’s so much easier to get out the door. I do however also prefer the class to going myself as it is less chaotic when everyone is doing the same thing and it’s nice to get ideas on what to do in the water and learn the different ways to hold your baby, get them ready for diving and so on.

Being at the swimming pool today however got me thinking about all the questions I had before going the first time. What does Eva need to wear? Where do I put her while I change? How do I know if she doesn’t like being in the water? And a ton of other questions. I know I’m not the only one who has these questions, so I decided to make a separate post about some of the tips and tricks of going to the pool with your baby that I’ve gathered so far. Just keep in mind that they are based on my own experiences and are not the universal law of how to take you baby to the swimming pool.

All in all for anyone considering taking their baby to the pool I would highly recommend it! It not only fun for the baby, but it’s also a good way to connect with your child in a different way. And of course it also teaches them to become familiar with water. And if that’s not reason enough to go I’ve just read this short article stateting some of the psycical benefits of teaching babies to swim. 

For me it is also a nice break from chores and things that needs doing. It’s really nice to have something that forces me to slow down, take a break and just enjoy being with Eva. Even though I don’t like admitting it, it can sometimes be a challenge in everyday life.

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